Dogma Dogma. Maquis Projects. Izmir, Turkey. 2016
Lokma Dogma. Performance at the Salepçioğlu Mosque Square in Kameralti, Izmir, Turkey. 2016. 
NEUTRALIZED NEWS (II) Performance at the f(x /Container im Hof der Hoch für Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig, 2015
Hacer Tiempo. Solo exhibition at Cruce Contemporáneo. Madrid, Spain, 2014. 
Tácticas de Identidad. Instituto de México, Mexican Embassy in Spain. Madrid, Spain 2013.
Wordactions. XLArt Gallery. Helsinki, Finland 2013.
Motherland. C. Cultural Galileo. Madrid, Spain 2013.
El Recuerdo. Performance at La Tabacalera. Madrid, Spain 2012.
Transposed Displaced Transplanted.  Rural Contemporánea. Vva. De los Infantes, Spain 2012.
[T]HERE.  Midway Studies Boston, Mass. USA. 2011.
I Am Home.  Sala Maruja Mallo, Centro Cultural Pérez de  la Riva, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain 2011.


Como era gostoso o Meu Francês. Otr Espacio De Arte, Madrid, Spain, 2016.
SOMEWHERE ELSEWHERE ANYWHERE NOWHERE. Artist-in-residence at GlogauAIR. Berlin, Germany, 2015.
M2M3 Centro Cultural Villa de Móstoles. Madrid, Spain, 2015.
(Un)Deed in collaboration wth the INSTITUTE FÜR ALLES MÖGLICHE, Berlin, Germany, 2015. 
FLOW&FOCUS FAST-FORWARD Artist-in-residence at the Cultureel Terras de Kaaij. Nijmegen, Netherlands 2014. 
El Cronista. Collaboration with the RAQSs Collective at the
                           Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo, Mostoles, Spain 2014. 
                           Museo Universitario de Arte Contemporáneo, México, D.F. 2015.
                           Fundación PROA, B.A., Argentina, 2016.  
Body & Soul. Iberoamerican Video Art for A Window in Berlin. Berlin, Germany 2014. 
Ethnoscapes (The Migratory Photo Project). Chashama Studios. New York , NY, USA 2012.
Juegos Cruzados. Cruce Contemporáneo. Madrid, Spain 2012. 
Urban Cultura.  Utopicus. Madrid, Spain, 2012.
Flujos y Nomadismos.  ArtEstação. Rio Grande, Brazil. 2012. 
Habitatges. Lluç Fluxá. Mallorca, Spain. 2011.
Do Not Disturb.  Centro Cultural Galileo/Fundación Claves de Arte. Madrid, Spain 2011.
Paisajes. (Artista Invitado) Centro Cultural San Clemente, Toledo, Castilla la Mancha, Spain 2009.
Hábito/Habito.  Galería Báculo, Madrid, Spain 2008. 


Lenguajeo precario. Picnic Sessions at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo. Móstoles, Madrid, Spain. 2016.
FONLAD. Patría urban intervention. Montemor, Portugal, 2015.
ARTE EN ACCIÓN. Expansiones nómadas, 2015, urban intervention, Art Jaén. Jaén, Spain, 2015.
INTRAMURS.  Festival per l’art. Valencia, Spain, 2014 and 2015.
DIMANCHE ROUGE ESTONIA-FINLAND-FRANCE Experimental Performance Festival. Helinki, Finland 2013.
Festival Insonora, Madrid, Spain 2007.


ALL THE TERRITORIES POSSIBLE. A workshop on the mapping of potential places at the Department of Environmental Design of the Izmir Ekonomi Üniversitesi. Izmir, Turkey, 2016.
PLANCTON  Working conversation at Intercambiador, Madrid, Spain 2014.
Territorio y lenguaje Artist talk at the Instituto de México en España. Madrid, Spain 2014.
Wordaction.  Artist talk at the Helsinki Museum of Art. Helsinki, Finland 2013.
Cartografías del momento. Artist talk and workshop at the Antonio Gala Foundation. Cordoba, Spain 2013.
Con la casa a cuestas. Workshop at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. Spain 2013.    



Andrés Montes is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist trained in the United States currently living and working in Madrid, Spain. His creative interests explore the poetics of displacement, investigating concepts such as permanence and the mechanisms utilized to create a place to call our own. Through the  exploration of diverse materials and techniques, that range from drawing to installation, sculpture or video, he probes into the representation of strategies for the construction of a place and brings to our attention the fragility of our belongings.

Recently, we saw his work in the solo exhibitions Wordactions at XLArt Gallery in Helsinki, Finland, 2013.   Tácticas de Identidad at the Instituto de México, of the Mexican Embassy in Spain, 2013. MOTHERLAND at the Centro Cultural Galileo, Madrid 2013 and “[T]HERE” at the Midway Studios in Boston, Massachusetts, 2012. 

He also participated in the collective exhibitions Ethnoscapes at the Chashama Studios. New York , NY, USA 2012. Flujos y Nomadismos Art Estação. Rio Grande, Brazil, 2012 as well as the Experimental Performance Festival DIMANCHE ROUGE in Helsinki, Finland, 2013, and INSONORA in Madrid.

He is the Director of Fine Art initiatives for Espacio Naranjo in Madrid, Spain.